About us

Our business began in 1935 in a garage in Skåne, Sweden. Today we offer a wide product range for producing heat and steam. The scope of supply includes electric boilers, oil/gas boilers and solid-fuel boilers.

In cooperation with our suppliers, we supplement your solution with, for example, burners, safety systems, flue-gas cleaning and water treatment.

Ever more efficient

In the last 10 years our research and development work has primarily concentrated on increasing efficiency while making the installations as environmentally friendly as possible. The company draws on our strong tradition and experience to produce robust boilers of the highest quality. We have developed our production to achieve short lead times and high supply security. This has opened up greater opportunities on the export market in which we are now working to build up new sales channels and different installation partners.

Both large and small costumers, in and outside of Sweden

Our customers are both large and small and range from individual small plumbing firms to industries and district heating plants. They are located both in and outside of Sweden. We would be happy to serve you too!

For UK clients

Please contact our representative in the UK, Bio-Geo: http://www.osbyparca.co.uk

Osby Parca in a nutshell

  • Started: 1935.
  • Business: One of Sweden’s leading energy companies offering a complete range of boilers from 36 kW to 12 MW for producing heat and steam through oil, gas, electricity and solid fuels.
  • Customers: Energy companies, industries, housing enterprises etc.
  • Ownership: Private – part of Enertech together with CTC, Bentone and Turboflame, among others.

Great history – great future

Osby Parca is an old company with strong traditions and many unique competences employed. A boiler delivery from the 50’s and another boiler delivery from 2011 can be seen on the photo above.
Below are some highlights from the Osby Parca history.

1935​ 24 July, the brothers John and Gösta Darlin start manufacturing wood burning water heaters in a garage in Osby. The company is given the name Vattenvärmare-Kompaniet AB.​

1940​ New low-pressure boiler models are introduced that are delivered, mainly, to farmers and building companies as well as to market gardeners and food companies.​

1941 ​​The first biomass boiler is introduced.​

1947 Manufacturing of domestic boilers and larger commercial property boilers, so-called self-induced boilers, takes off. The company name is changed to Osby Pannan AB.​

1957 ​Introduction of high-output boilers for biomass that, thanks to flue gas fans, give greater heat emission per square meter firing surface.​

1963​ The first transportable boiler room is delivered.​

1978​ The company moves into 6000m³ of tailor-made premises on Radiatorvägen in Osby.​

1982​ Sweden’s largest pellets boiler, 8 MW, is delivered to Mora Värmeverk.​

1984​ ​Saab Scania takes over ownership and CTC Osby becomes part of the Enertech group of companies.

1984​ The first PB boiler is delivered. With water-cooled grates, vertical tubes and automatic sweeping, it rapidly becomes a success.

1985 ​The company celebrates its fiftieth anniversary. The first 50 years has seen a long journey, from garage to factory.

1988​ The industrial company, Trelleborg AB, based in southern Sweden, takes over the Enertech Group.​

1989​ CTC Osby AB is merged with Parca Norrahammar AB and the company name becomes Osby Parca AB.​​​

1990​ Acquisition of the Ång-Janne AB company, with more than 40 years’ experience of steam systems and steam boilers.​

1993 ​English Wolseley PLC, one of the world’s leading PHS and heating equipment wholesalers, takes over the ownership.​

1997 ​The first PB2 boiler is delivered. A completely automatic biomass boiler, equipped with moving grates with scrapers.​

2002​ Mr Roger Hancox takes over the Enertech Group. Enertech AB is founded, including three leading Swedish companies in the energy industry.​

2009​ Osby Parca receives the sought-after A.S.M.E. certification and, with that, the right to deliver boilers to the US market, among others.​

2009 ​Enertech AB acquires Turboflame, a Swedish manufacturer of burners and, with this, adds to its own assortment of industrial burners manufactured in-house.​

2010 ​The company celebrates its 75th anniversary.​

2012​ The first HVTS-G boiler is delivered. A design for moist fuels that is completely designed in-house.

2017​ Nibe Industries buys most of Enertech Group and Enertech AB, including the brands Osby Parca, CTC, Turboflame and Bentone, is again Swedish owned.

Part of the Enertech

Osby Parca – Part of the Enertech AB

Osby Parca is a part of Enertech AB. Our R&D and production is placed in Osby, Sweden. The financially strong ownership gives us the the power that’s needed to maintain our position as market leader in our area.

A range of sustainable energy products

From the formation of the first Enertech company, product development has been focused on improving efficiency – in all respects. Today, all Enertech AB companies offer a range of sustainable energy products that are based on our strong and practical heritage within the sector. These systems are fully supported with services which give confidence to clients. We meet the market’s increasing demand for sustainable energy solutions by developing new technologies and by modifying and increasing the efficiency of existing product concepts.

Minimising the environmental impact

Besides the R&D work with innovations in renewable fuel types, we also work intensively to improve the efficiency levels of our products for traditional fuels such as oil, electricity and gas.

Down below is contact information for Osby Parca’s sister company in Sweden.

Box 309, Näsvägen 8
341 26 Ljungby
Tel: +46 (0) 372 88 000

Box 309, Näsvägen 8
341 26 Ljungby
Tel: +46 (0) 372 867 00

Box 309, Näsvägen 8
341 26 Ljungby
Tel: +46 (0) 372 867 00

Environment & Quality

Environment and sustainability ISO-14001:

Our product and system solutions aim for a continuous improvement of the environment and to reduce any affects to the environment. Therefore its very natural for us to consider any environmental aspects in everything we do by the following statements:
  • Continuously be updated regarding environmental laws and by a wide margin always live up to these laws and regulations.
  • Develop, manufacture and market products which are safe, energy efficient and environmental friendly which also can be scrapped or recycled in a safe way.
  • To use processes and work methods which minimises any environmental aspects.

Quality ISO-9001:

With the help of our high quality of our products we continuously create confidence for our customers. Quality is part of our whole process from development to production including marketing and sales. Service and support is crucial for our customers and for us as a company. We shall therefore continue to improve our quality by the following statements:
  • Organisation, quality assurance systems and workflow shall continuously be reconsidered and adapted to present situation and surrounding environment based on experience from the market and information from our customers and employees or by new legislations from governments.
  • Deliver the correct functional product according to the correct specification and performance of our products at the right time and the correct volume.
  • Cater to customers expectation and interest for our products.