Electricity? Solid fuels? Oil/gas? Or steam?

Our range of standard boilers extends from 36 kW to 20 MW. Most boilers can, of course, be combined in different solutions. They can produce heat and steam from electricity, oil/gas and solid fuels.

We develop and manufacture all of our boilers in Osby, Sweden.

A summary of the product range

Our range is extensive. A summary is available in this PDF document.

Osby Parca – Product range.pdf

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Solid-fuel boilers.

A complete range from 100 kW to 12 MW. Depending on the market, our solid-fuel boilers are manufactured according to the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) or ASME standards.

The boilers can be fired with either dry (<35% moisture content) or moist fuels (35-55% moisture content). Our solid-fuel boilers are to a large extent fully automated for easier management. Cleaning of the convection tube package and ash handling are carried out automatically at programmed intervals.

We supply our boilers with a control system that operates and monitors the boiler and can handle the entire boiler installation. The control system can be operated remotely.


For firing with dry wood fuels like pellets, briquettes and chips with up to 30% moisture content. The series includes boilers with an output range of 100–1,000 kW. The P500 can be automatically regulated between 25 and 100% of the design output.



A welded steel boiler for over-pressure and under-pressure firing. Can be fitted with a pellet burner or firing equipment for moist chips. Can also be fitted with an oil/gas burner.

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For moist wood fuels, 1–7 MW. Turnkey, reliable and highly efficient unit that meets all the requirements of efficiency, availability and easy management for a modern boiler.



Solid-fuel burner, 350–4,000 kW. Our popular compact unit for dry fuels complete with all installations from the factory. Can also be supplied in a prefab, containerized version.

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The Osby GTPSÖ is a welded steel boiler intended for oil and gas firing or solid-fuel firing via a furnace, connected with a gas neck to the boiler.

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A solid fuel boiler that can be equipped with a pellets burner, stoker, grate or a pre-oven. This model can also be equipped with an oil/gas boiler.

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Oil and gas boilers.

Our range includes boilers for heavy oil or gas or bio-oil or biogas – all according to your requirements. Three of our boilers are welded (Trio, Wirbex and GTP). The Parca GT, however, is made of cast iron. Outputs range from 65 kW to 16 MW.


Cast-iron boiler with flues in 3-pass design. Can be supplied with separate sections for assembly on site or with a factory-assembled boiler body.

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Self-circulating fire-tube boiler. Adaptable for modern fuels like bio-oil, pellets or wood chips. Available in horizontal/vertical installation and steam design.



An over-pressure oil/gas boiler with a reverse-firing flame chamber and a centrally positioned burner. The convection part consists of tubes with turbolators that ensure excellent gas rotation and high heat transfer.

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Steam boilers.

We can supply steam boilers for a number of different fuels like oil/gas, electricity and pellets. This gives you the freedom to choose the solution that suits you best. Outputs from 18 kW to 14 MW.

Electric steam boilers

Our electric steam boilers are complete and fully automatic. Heating takes place with stainless steel, acid-resistant tube elements, which minimises servicing and maintenance.

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0.75–14 MW steam boiler for oil/gas, bio-oil or pellets. A containerised version is also available including ash handling and flue-gas cleaning.



A compact steam boiler available in low-pressure and high-pressure versions. The boiler consists of a horizontal pressure vessel insulated with mineral wool and a covering of painted aluzinc plate. Fired with oil or gas. 150–1,000 kW.

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Electric boilers

A wide range of electric boilers with outputs from 36 to 495 kW. The boilers can also be connected in parallel for higher outputs. Used for the heating of radiator water in all types of facilities, including the heating of process water in industry. Can easily be controlled from a heating pump.

Elpannor 36-50kW
Elpannor 70-495kW