Osby Parca EL 160 Eco and it’s siblings

Osby Parca EL 160 Eco and it’s siblings

Our new electric boilers have been refined aesthetically with a new control system. The design offers a modern and sleek impression. The control system with touchscreen is clear and user-friendly, and enables the property caretaker to monitor the boiler and its servicing intervals.

The new control system allows for simple operation and start-up. The customer is no longer dependent on the manual to the same extent. It also allows individual functions to be monitored according to each customer's needs. The overview of the boiler's parameters is easy-to-understand and convenient. For example, it is possible to view boiler output in addition to temperature.

Connecting to external equipment is simple, such as integration/control from a heat pump. All that is needed is a separate outdoor temperature sensor for outdoor temperature compensation.

All parameters are accessible via Modbus.

The boilers come in different sizes from 36 kW up to 498 kW output.

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