Osby Parca Pre-fabricated Boiler Rooms

Pre-fabricated Boiler Rooms

Great quality, Swedish made

Osby Parca started delivering transportable boiler rooms fifty years ago. Today our reliable solution for biomass fuels can provide hot water or steam by firing pellets, briquettes or wood chips. Our boilers and transportable boiler rooms are designed and built at our manufacturing site in Osby in Skåne, Sweden’s most southern county.

To the right is an image of a transportable boiler room that we delivered to Oskarshamn’s district heating plant. Inside the red boiler room is the power of one PB2 3 MW unit, to the left is a pellets silo.

Complete units in various sizes

The delivered facility is made up of material and parts from various suppliers. The main components, such as the biomass boiler, are designed and produced by Osby Parca and the assembly of the equipment inside the transportable boiler room is carried out by Osby Parca as well. The delivery can be completed with auxiliary equipment, such as flue stacks, ash containers, and heat exchangers. In order to make the boiler room aesthetically pleasing, the container can be cladded with corrugated sheet, wood, stone or any other appropriate material.

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