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Osby Parca – Part of the Enertech AB

Osby Parca is a part of Enertech AB. Our R&D and production is placed in Osby, Sweden. The financially strong ownership gives us the the power that’s needed to maintain our position as market leader in our area.

A range of sustainable energy products

From the formation of the first Enertech company, product development has been focused on improving efficiency – in all respects. Today, all Enertech AB companies offer a range of sustainable energy products that are based on our strong and practical heritage within the sector. These systems are fully supported with services which give confidence to clients. We meet the market’s increasing demand for sustainable energy solutions by developing new technologies and by modifying and increasing the efficiency of existing product concepts.

Minimising the environmental impact

Besides the R&D work with innovations in renewable fuel types, we also work intensively to improve the efficiency levels of our products for traditional fuels such as oil, electricity and gas.