Osby Parca HQ

Meet Osby Parca

Our business began in 1935 in a garage in Skåne, Sweden. Today we offer a wide product range for producing heat and steam. The scope of supply includes electric boilers, oil/gas boilers and solid-fuel boilers.

In cooperation with our suppliers, we supplement your solution with, for example, burners, safety systems, flue-gas cleaning and water treatment.

Ever more efficient

In the last 10 years our research and development work has primarily concentrated on increasing efficiency while making the installations as environmentally friendly as possible. The company draws on our strong tradition and experience to produce robust boilers of the highest quality. We have developed our production to achieve short lead times and high supply security. This has opened up greater opportunities on the export market in which we are now working to build up new sales channels and different installation partners.

Both large and small costumers, in and outside of Sweden

Our customers are both large and small and range from individual small plumbing firms to industries and district heating plants. They are located both in and outside of Sweden. We would be happy to serve you too!

For UK clients

Please contact our representative in the UK, Bio-Geo: http://www.osbyparca.co.uk

Osby Parca in a nutshell

  • Started: 1935.
  • Business: One of Sweden’s leading energy companies offering a complete range of boilers from 36 kW to 12 MW for producing heat and steam through oil, gas, electricity and solid fuels.
  • Customers: Energy companies, industries, housing enterprises etc.
  • Ownership: Private – part of Enertech together with CTC, Bentone and Turboflame, among others.