Great history – great future

Osby Parca History

Osby Parca is an old company with strong traditions and many unique competences employed. A boiler delivery from the 50’s and another boiler delivery from 2011 can be seen on the photo above.

Below are some highlights from the Osby Parca history.

1935​ 24 July, the brothers John and Gösta Darlin start manufacturing wood burning water heaters in a garage in Osby. The company is given the name Vattenvärmare-Kompaniet AB.​

1940​ New low-pressure boiler models are introduced that are delivered, mainly, to farmers and building companies as well as to market gardeners and food companies.​

1941 ​​The first biomass boiler is introduced.​

1947 Manufacturing of domestic boilers and larger commercial property boilers, so-called self-induced boilers, takes off. The company name is changed to Osby Pannan AB.​

1957 ​Introduction of high-output boilers for biomass that, thanks to flue gas fans, give greater heat emission per square meter firing surface.​

1963​ The first transportable boiler room is delivered.​

1978​ The company moves into 6000m³ of tailor-made premises on Radiatorvägen in Osby.​

1982​ Sweden’s largest pellets boiler, 8 MW, is delivered to Mora Värmeverk.​

1984​ ​Saab Scania takes over ownership and CTC Osby becomes part of the Enertech group of companies.

1984​ The first PB boiler is delivered. With water-cooled grates, vertical tubes and automatic sweeping, it rapidly becomes a success.

1985 ​The company celebrates its fiftieth anniversary. The first 50 years has seen a long journey, from garage to factory.

1988​ The industrial company, Trelleborg AB, based in southern Sweden, takes over the Enertech Group.​

1989​ CTC Osby AB is merged with Parca Norrahammar AB and the company name becomes Osby Parca AB.​​​

1990​ Acquisition of the Ång-Janne AB company, with more than 40 years’ experience of steam systems and steam boilers.​

1993 ​English Wolseley PLC, one of the world’s leading PHS and heating equipment wholesalers, takes over the ownership.​

1997 ​The first PB2 boiler is delivered. A completely automatic biomass boiler, equipped with moving grates with scrapers.​

2002​ Mr Roger Hancox takes over the Enertech Group. Enertech AB is founded, including three leading Swedish companies in the energy industry.​

2009​ Osby Parca receives the sought-after A.S.M.E. certification and, with that, the right to deliver boilers to the US market, among others.​

2009 ​Enertech AB acquires Turboflame, a Swedish manufacturer of burners and, with this, adds to its own assortment of industrial burners manufactured in-house.​

2010 ​The company celebrates its 75th anniversary.​

2012​ The first HVTS-G boiler is delivered. A design for moist fuels that is completely designed in-house.

2017​ Nibe Industries buys most of Enertech Group and Enertech AB, including the brands Osby Parca, CTC, Turboflame and Bentone, is again Swedish owned.