Electric boiler central

Electric boilers

Flexible and easy way to produce hot water or steam

Osby Parca offers two boiler types that use electricity as fuel – one type for production of hot water, and another for production of steam. Have a look on the boilers below and feel free to ask for a quotation.

Electric boilers
  • 36–495 kW output
  • 175 kW and above can be equipped with built-in safety equipment
  • Regulation with power steps through the built-in control panel
  • Several boiler can be connected in cascade for higher total output
  • Approximately 95% efficiency rate
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Electric steam boilers
  • 18–120 kW output
  • Fitted with safety and function ancillaries
  • Quick response times for swift steam outtake
  • Available for operation pressures up to 7 bar
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