Case studies

Getting an Osby Parca boiler is a long term investment – operation times of above 25 years is nothing uncommon. Robust, effective boilers, comprehensive control possibilities and a serviceable and available service organisation are some of Osby Parca’s trademarks. Read about some Osby Parca boiler installations below.

Vallda Heberg planned community

A modern, green and highly efficient community has been constructed in Vallda Heberg. Osby Parca delivered one P500 and the controls.

Oskarshamn Energy’s district heating plant

The municipal company Oskarshamn Energi chose Osby Parca as their provider of two prefabricated boiler rooms for the city Oskarshamn's heating needs.

Gothenburg’s Landvetter airport

The Swedish Aviation Department chose Osby Parca for arranging the boiler delivery to the major airport Landvetter, Gothenburg.

Lakes Free Range Egg Company

The environmentally concerned Lakes Free Range Egg Company invested in a 199 kW biomass boiler.

Setra Sawmill in Kalix

The owners of the Setra Sawmill situated in extreme north of Sweden chose Osby Parca for delivering a PB2 biomass boiler built into a prefabricated boiler central.

E.ON’s Broby district heating plant

Eon, that invested in many PB2-boilers, has installed two boilers in Broby for the town's heating needs.

Varv Gardens tomato & cucumber plantation

The owners of Varv Garden tomato & cucumber plantation invested in a green and economic solution for their heating – Osby Parca PB2.

Tågerup Garden’s glass houses

Tågerup Garden's owners chose an Osby Parca P500 pellet hot water boiler for efficient, reliable and economic heating.

Nossebro district heating

Nossebro district heating invested in a PB2 2 MW in order to replace an obsolete wood chip boiler with horizontal tubes.

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